Lemond Modern specialises in 'Lateralist' art.


Lateralism studies the key issues in contemporary society rather than taking a more mainstream, historical artistic perspective and painting based on classical techniques or subjects like landscapes, still life or portraiture.

Lateralism seeks to illuminate contemporary issues, to allow the viewer to pause and reflect on these issues and their potential impact.


As a society, we have recently seen a rapid pace of innovation and change. We have witnessed dramatic changes in the use of technology, the internet, globalisation, emerging economies, the growth of media and social media, education and health standards, social attitudes and secularism.

Artists occupy a privileged and unique corridor that overlooks these changes - they have the space to observe and have a responsibility to society to reflect and record, indeed many artists see their role and function within society as the visual commentators on that change. 


Lateralism is a journey.

Developing the theme, the stable of artists and the website will take time. As a gallery, we are looking to work with well-qualified, high quality artists who engage with lateralism and produce meaningful works.


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